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Theme for the month of April is:


          After listening to April Showers’ lesson yesterday, I was inspired to actually stand outside for an hour, pulling weeds from the raised border along the driveway. It’s a section of rockery that is also the space for spring’s bounty of daffodils. However, because of all the rains, clumps of grass have sprouted and I decided it would be a simple task to pull them up. A good hour later, I was still hard at it. Didn’t finish—that’ll do for the time being. But oh my, what a difference my small efforts made.

          And it’s another metaphor to learn from.

          Small, seemingly insignificant thoughts of limitations in any form—weeds of despair, don’t know enough, don’t deserve better—can take root in subtle ways not readily noticed at first. And when they finally surface, we may wonder, where in the heck did I go wrong? Why can’t I ever “make it”, whatever “making it” means to you.

          Ernest Holmes writes in Living the Science of Mind, “If we could come back to see that life is like a mirror, tending to reflect back to us the images of our own thinking, then we should realize that by changing our thinking we can change the reflections in the mirror.

          “Next we should ask: What do we want to see in this mirror? And have we the courage to admit that what we are looking at in the mirror is a reflected image of our own outlook on life? Are we looking at antagonism, resentment, confusion? Are we looking at fear, failure, unhappiness? And are we actually willing to look into this mirror of life and say, “That is I”? And then, if we do not like what we see, have we enough confidence to believe that we can change it? If so, we have made the right start.”

          Holmes goes on to encourage us to daily recognize God at the center of our own being, to have faith in this Divine Presence within us, and further, we must learn to think from this basis. That builds a garden of trust from which we reap a harvest of all good.

          In Joy,

                    Rev. Pat


As I look in my mirror, I feel good about myself. I am worthy of a harvest of all Good.


All events are held at this Center unless the location is mentioned in the description of the event.

Rev Dotty is available if you are in need of treatment. Please call the Center (530-589-9719) to set up an appointment with her or one of our other practitioners. Office hours are Tues & Wed, 10:00am to 2:00pm.


Tuesday, April 10 at 10:30am-1:00pm: The second part of the SOM 103/104 courses begins. The subject is “Principles of Successful Living.” There is a sign-up sheet on the Sign-up table.


Tuesday, April 10 - 6:00pm: The Café at Gold Country Casino. Come join us for a quiet, relaxing meal. The menu is always changing and the food is delicious.


Wednesday, April 11, 10:00am-11:30am: Discussions based upon the current Science of Mind magazine, facilitated by April Showers. This first session will be from the April SOM magazine “A Prayer for Your Rebirth by Dr Ernest Holmes (pages 70 – 74 and Eternal Flowering by Rev Dr David Alexander (75). Please sign-up if you are planning to attend.


Sunday, April 15, 10:30am: Becky Richards will speak about “Healing & Renewing”. The Special Music performed by Ellen Alford. There is a Board meeting to follow service. All are welcome

                                    PASSAGES CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP

Tuesday, April 24 - 1:30pm-3:00pm: If you are providing care for someone and feel overwhelmed, frustrated or just need to talk and get advice on how to handle a particular issue come join the group.


Sunday, April 29: following the service. Will be held in the Pastor’s Office. This Prayer Circle is for people requesting treatment to benefit from group consciousness and to give students from the recently completed class on “Building a Healing Consciousness” the opportunity to practice the art of prayer treatment.


May 11 & 12, 2018………Rummage Sale

(Donations are now being accepted)

June 22, 2018…….Polish Dinner

November 24, 2018…..Holiday Craft Fair

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